Top 10 Richest DJs In South Africa 2023

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1. Black Coffee 

Net Worth: $60 million

Black Coffee is a DJ, singer, record producer, and entrepreneur who is not just the richest DJ in South Africa but also among the wealthiest African musicians. He is considered to be the most popular DJ in South Africa and across the entire continent of Africa.

The award-winning DJ earns his fortune not just from music alone but has other legal means, however, his passion for music is what has taken him this far. So, Black Coffee is currently the richest South African DJ going by his massive net worth.

2. DJ Euphonik

Net Worth: $3 million

DJ Euphonik whose real name is Themba Mbongeni Nkosi is another high profiled South African DJ who is raking in a lot of money as a DJ. To also mention, he is a famous radio presenter and music producer. His album “Cool and Deadly” released in 2013 is one of his best works so far and the album featured the likes of Nyanda and DJ Fresh. It also won several awards and was a huge success.

Aside from music, DJ Euphonik also invests and makes a huge fortune from property rentals services.

Richest DJs In South Africa


Net Worth: $2.6 million

Sibusiso Leope goes by the stage name DJ SBU is a record producer, businessman, and DJ. He is among the famous and admired Kwaito artists and the CEO and owner of TS Records. DJ SBU has successfully produced several hit records and mixtapes.

Also, he is popular for leaving a lavish lifestyle owning several luxurious car collections.

4. DJ Oskido 

Net Worth: $2.5 million

Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa is the real name of the fourth richest DJ on our list and also one of the high profiled DJs in South Africa. He is a recording artist, DJ, record producer, and businessman.

DJ Oskido’s artistic disc jockey activity and the music genres he plays which encompass house music, Afropop, and Kwaito, enthrall his fans. He is an award-winning DJ and also a founding member of Kalawa Jazmee Records which has produced several hit songs for Kwaito artists.

5. DJ Tira

Net Worth: $2.2 million

DJ Tira is one of the most popular DJs in South Africa and not left out among the richest occupying the fifth spot on our list. The outstanding DJ and record producer is also the founder of “Afrotainment Records’ ‘ which has produced several hit songs for Kwaito artists as well as raising new artists such as Dladla Mshunqisi, Big Nuz, DJ C’ndo, and many more.

DJ Tira is a busy Disc Jockey who often gets booked out around the year.

6. Culoe De Song

Net Worth: $2.2 Million

Culolethu Zulu popularly known as Culoe De Song is a DJ, producer, and remixer who rose to fame in 2007 and has remained consistent in producing feel-good records and mixtapes. He produced his debut album “A Giant Leap” in 2009, Elevation Album in 2011, and Exodus Album.

The latter album earned him the Best Male Artist as an award segment under the 2014 Metro FM Awards.

7. DJ Shimza

Net Worth: $2 Million

Ashley Raphala goes by the stage name DJ Shimza, is a record producer, and DJ who is by far the youngest and one of the successful DJs in South Africa. His Disc Jockey skills date back to when he was 15 years old.

However, DJ Shimba became famous when he launched his Shimizu album in 2015. He has won several DJ Competitions and he successfully hosts his annual One Man Show.

Richest DJs In South Africa

8. DJ Fresh

Net Worth: $2 million

Sikwane goes by the stage name DJ Fresh is a radio DJ, Music producer, entrepreneur, and radio/television producer. He is well known across South Africa as one of the most acclaimed hosts on Metro FM.

The radio personality began his DJ adventure at the age of 13, his first job was a social event at his boarding school in Botswana. Since then, his career has been a success and he has released 32 albums so far.

9. Protoculture

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Nate Raubenheimer known by the stage name Protoculture is a renowned South African DJ and musician. He is a university graduate and degree holder in Sound Engineering. Protoculture has produced several successful albums including 66 mixtapes.

10. DJ Tbo Touch

Net Worth: $700, 000

Bringing us to the end of our countdown is DJ Tbo Touch coming in at the tenth spot on our list of Richest DJs in South Africa. Tbo Touch began his radio career in 2004 and has since then risen to become a popular DJ in the country. He is also a rapper and an entrepreneur. Tbo Touch hosts several shows such as the second season of Flash


There you have the list of the wealthiest DJs in the entertainment industry of South Africa. Nonetheless, we can safely say from our discussion that Black Coffee is the richest DJ in South Africa.

Richest DJs In South Africa

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