Best Paying Jobs in South Africa 2023

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Best Paying Jobs in South Africa|top 30 highest paying jobs south africa|top 20 highest paying jobs in south africa

Are you a recent graduate trying to find the best jobs in South Africa, or are you considering going to college and looking for the best program that will lead to the best job?

We’ve put together a list of the best, so you can stop looking.

highest-paying jobs in South Africa.

#1. Medical Specialists

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

Mean Salary: R1, 123, 890

A medical specialist focuses on a specific area of medicine, like bone or heart conditions. They are also capable of performing surgery.

How do they act?

They collect, record, and keep track of patient data, such as test results, medical histories, and records.

They also perform minor and major surgery.

They maintain communication with medical professionals in the community and the hospital.

 #2. Technical And Business Architect

Mean Salary: R871,342

A business architect is someone who is in charge of building and keeping an organization’s capabilities in line with its corporate strategy and who also helps make business plans and strategies.

What they do:

Understanding of business principles and concepts

All of these skills, including how to distinguish between different firm components, what and how values are created, and how strategy creation can be supported, can be learned.

A macro-level business architect creates principles and controls policies for interactions with suppliers, partners, and all types of outsourcing, while corporate leaders focus on the vision, goal, and benefits the corporation offers to stakeholders.

#3. Pilot

Average salary: R695,000

A pilot is a person that conveys cargo and people on a flight.

#4. Petroleum Engineer

Mean Salary: R694,700

A petroleum engineer is someone who designs and develops processes for removing oil and gas from deposits beneath the surface of the Earth.

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

Before pumping more oil or gas from a reservoir, they experiment with injecting them with water, chemicals, gases, or steam.

#5. IT Manager

An IT manager makes an average of R663,539 per year.

In addition to managing computer and information systems, the duties of the IT manager also include planning, coordinating, and leading activities within their organizations.

#6. Industrial Engineer

Average yearly salary: 663,347

In the manufacturing sector, wasteful production techniques are actively sought to be eliminated by industrial engineers.

They develop a system that integrates personnel, apparatus, materials, information, and technology to produce goods or provide services with the least amount of waste.

#7. Lawyer,

Average salary per year: R655,000

Lawyers are people who interpret the law.

 Every person needs a lawyer to manage a conflict or disagreement for them, to prosecute or defend them in a lawsuit, and to offer guidance on legal matters.

What they do;

Resolve legal issues and disputes.

Brings evidence and makes a legal argument in court on behalf of their clients

May assist clients with the will preparation

#8. Management Consultant

Average Salary: 625,038

Management consultants are people skilled at helping businesses grow and expand by solving problems and uncovering new and better approaches to relevant problems.

#9. Financial Manager

Average Salary: R619,240 p/a

Financial managers are people responsible for the financial health of a company and also offer financial advice on how to make an organization grow.

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

#10. Actuary

 Average salary: R550,656

An actuary is a professional in the business world who deals with measuring and managing risk and uncertainty, which can have a negative effect on both sides of the balance sheet. To manage these risks, asset, liability, and valuation management are all necessary.

#11. Plant manager

Salary: R510,348

A plant manager or an industrial production manager is the person in charge of the manufacturing or production facilities. They assist with daily plant operations and long-term strategic planning for the business.

#12. Project Manager

Average Salary: R500,000 p/a

Project managers are responsible for the planning and execution of a project.

#13. Programmer

The average salary for software engineers is R494,730

Software engineers use software engineering principles when creating, modifying, maintaining, testing, and evaluating computer programs.

#14. Accountant

$482,649 on average

An organization will employ an accountant to monitor all financial transactions and provide management with ongoing reports on the performance of the business.

#15. Primary Care Physician (General Medical Doctor)

 R437,527 is the typical annual salary for doctors.

General practitioners, also known as “GPs,” are primary care doctors who see patients for both acute and chronic illnesses and offer preventative care as well as health education.


  • Medicine, M.D.
  • Med school (4-6 years)
  • Work experience (1 year)

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

16. Human Resources manager

A human resources manager makes, on average, R352,000 a year.

In an organization, HR professionals actively recruit, screen, interview, and place employees. They are in charge of paying employees, providing benefits, and providing training.

#17. Tax consultants

For tax consultants, the annual salary is R300,000.

A tax consultant is a person with knowledge of tax laws, expertise in tax return preparation, and advice to offer on how to handle any tax-related issue.

#18. Graphics Designer

The average annual salary is R246,000.

A message can be conveyed by manually combining still images or moving images or by using computer software.

Graphic design is not certificate-dependent because it does not follow the conventional model for job certification.

On the other hand, students pursuing BFAs, HNDs, or bachelor’s degrees in computer science, graphic design, or other related fields may benefit.

What they do:

It is the job of graphic designers to use images to communicate ideas to the general public.

They combine production design and design layout to produce materials like magazines, brochures, and advertisements.

#19. Company Secretary

Average Salary: R238,962

In a business or government agency, a company secretary holds a more senior position.

A company secretary holds a senior position in a business or government organization.

#20. Director of Procurement: R230,200

Designing a corporate procurement and material management strategy for the acquisition of direct and indirect goods and services is the responsibility of the procurement director.

#21. Vice President of Sales: R220,000

A VP of Sales is in charge of ensuring that the sales team meets and exceeds sales targets.

#22. Director of Marketing R200,000

The entire branding and image of a company, as well as the marketing and communications strategy, are under the control of the marketing director.

#23. Manager of a Country: R 199,000

The primary duty of a country manager is to keep an eye on the operations of a company’s affiliate in a particular nation or area.

#24. Company Secretary for the Group: R197,000

Legal, financial, and/or strategic support must be provided by the Group Company Secretary.

#25. Director of Information Technology: R196,000

 The most senior executive in an organization who uses computers and information technology to accomplish organizational goals is the director of information technology.

#26. Information Technology Director: R195,000

They collaborate with the IT division to support the company’s objectives, much like the CIO does.

#27. IT Security Manager: R193,000

The task of protecting a company’s computers, networks, and data from computer viruses, security flaws, and malicious hacker attacks falls under the purview of an information security manager.

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

#28. Chief Enterprise Architect: R190,000

The chief enterprise architect’s main duty is to make sure that the business strategy of the company and any pertinent trends are reflected in the procedures of the company.

#29. Project Manager: R180,000

An executive-level employee who holds the position of project director strategically controls, monitors, and manages the project.

#30. Sales Director / Head of Sales: R150,000

In addition to establishing and regularly communicating the company’s KPIs and targets to subordinate salespeople, the Head of Sales also studies consumer trends.

The list of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa for the year is presented here.

Keep in mind that these positions are ranked based on their average annual salary (per annum).

Best Paying Jobs in South Africa

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