Myway Wrdsb Student Login 2022

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The WRDSB Student Portal, also known as the Myway Portal, is a website that provides WRDSB students with access to various resources. These resources include the student information system, email, online learning tools, and more.

The Myway is an important part of the WRDSB’s commitment to providing students with the resources they need to succeed.

Myway Wrdsb Student Login 2022
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Myway Wrdsb Student Login

This article will show you how to log in to the Myway student portal if you are a Waterloo Region District School Board student. It will also provide step-by-step instructions on Myway account creation and include troubleshooting tips in case of any problems.

What is WRDSB?

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) is a publicly funded school board serving the Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada. The WRDSB operates 106 elementary schools, 18 secondary schools, and ten adult education centers. The WRDSB has approximately 40,000 students and 4,500 employees.

The WRDSB is governed by a Board of Trustees of 11 members: nine elected trustees, one student trustee, and the Director of Education. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall direction and control of the school board.

Myway WRDSB Portal is a secure student information management system that enables parents and guardians access to their child’s school information. It allows parents and guardians to view their child’s attendance, grades, report cards, and other important school information.

Myway Portal allows parents and guardians to communicate with their child’s school and teachers. It is a secure, convenient, and easy-to-use student information management system that helps parents and guardians stay informed about their child’s education.

Benefits of Myway WRDSB Account

There are many benefits of having a Myway student login account. With a Myway Wrdsb account, students can:

  • Access their school email
  • Access Google Drive
  • Access the Student Information System (SIS)
  • Access online learning tools
  • And more!

How to Login to Myway Student Portal?

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to login to Myway Wrdsb Login Portal:

  • Go to the Myway Login page:
  • Enter your WRDSB username and password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • You will be redirected to the Myway Portal dashboard.
  • Please see the troubleshooting tips below if you have any problems logging in.

Myway Wrdsb Student Login

Myway WRDSB Login Recovery Tool

 If you have forgotten your My Way Portal username or password, you can use the Myway Wrdsb Student Portal Portal Login Recovery Tool to recover your account. To use the Login Recovery Tool, you will need:

  • Your Myway Portal username
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Ontario Education Number (OEN)

If you have any problems using the Myway Portal Login Recovery Tool, please contact your school’s Myway Portal administrator.

How to Create Myway Login Wrdsb Account?

If you are a new WRDSB student, you will need to create a My Way Wrdsb account. To do this, you will need the following:

  • Your Ontario Education Number (OEN)
  • Your date of birth

 If you are a returning WRDSB student, you can use your existing Myway account. You can use the Myway Login Recovery Tool to recover your account if you have forgotten your username or password.

Once you have created your Myway Wrdsb Student Portal account, you can log in and access all of the resources available to WRDSB students.

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Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble logging in to Myway Portal, here are some troubleshooting tips that may help:

– Make sure that you are using the correct login URL:

– Make sure that you are entering your WRDSB username and password correctly. Your username is usually your first initial, last name, and last four digits of your OEN. For example, if your name is John Smith and your OEN is 12345678, your username would be jsmith1234.

– Try to log in using a different browser. If using Internet Explorer, try logging in with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

– If you are still having trouble, please contact your school’s administrator.

Myway Wrdsb Student Login

My Way Wrdsb Helpdesk

If you have any problems using the Myway account, please contact the Wrdsb Helpdesk. The Login Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Phone Number: 519-570-0003


FAQs – People Also Ask

What Happened to Myway Email?

If you are a WRDSB student, your Myway email account has been migrated to Office 365.

To access your Office 365 account, go to and enter your Myway Portal username and password.

Once you have logged in, you can access your email, OneDrive, Teams, and other Office 365 resources.

If you have any problems accessing your Office 365 account, please contact the Myway Portal Helpdesk.

Why Is Myway Wrdsb Not Working?

There could be several reasons why your Myway Portal may not be working. Possible causes might include problems with your internet connection, issues with your device or browser, or login errors.

If you are having trouble accessing the Myway Login Wrdsb account, we recommend trying some basic troubleshooting steps such as clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, using a different browser or device, or resetting your password.

If you continue to experience issues after trying these steps, contact the Wrdsb Helpdesk for assistance.

How Can I Request a Transcript?

If you need a copy of your transcript, you can request one from the Student Information System (SIS). To do this, log in to the SIS and click on the Records” tab. From there, you will be able to request a copy of your transcript.

How To View My Timetable?

To view your timetable, My Way Wrdsb Sign In, and click the “Student Timetable” link. This will take you to the Student Information System (SIS), where you can view your timetable.

Myway Wrdsb Student Login


These were some of the most important things you should know about the Myway WRDSB Student Portal. If you are a student of the Waterloo Region District School Board, then this portal will be of great use to you.

We hope this article was helpful and informative for you and helped clear up any confusion you may have had about the Myway Portal. If you have any further questions, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

Myway Wrdsb Student Login

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