7 Tips To Apply Ajira Za Sensa 2022

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Tips To Apply Ajira Za Sensa

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, is preparing to do so Population and Housing Census which will be held on 23 August 2022. To achieve In this census, the Government is announcing temporary vacancies for CORRESPONDENTS AND CENSION MANAGERS for Tanzanians with the right motives and qualifications as specified in this announcement.

7 Tips To Apply Ajira Za Sensa 2022

The following below are the 7 important tips to apply Ajira Za Sensa 2022

    1. Read the Career Announcement carefully, before submitting an application.
    2. Make sure all the information you fill out is yours.
    3. Phone number will only be used once. Make sure you fill in a phone number that has not been used by another person to apply for a job.
    4. Make sure the email you use is yours and it works. Email will only be used once.
    5. After submitting the application Download Form No. 1 to be filled by Thinkers Along with Local Government officials when you work.
    6. Username and Password will be sent to the email you entered above (Excerpt 3).
    7. To complete your application, Use the Email and Password used to upload Form No. 1 signed.

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7 Tips To Apply Ajira Za Sensa 2022


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