Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements (An Analysis)

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“Dedication to the greatest quality of Customer Service given with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit” is the mission statement of Southwest Airlines. This mission statement outlines the activities that Southwest Airlines engages in. The specifics encompass the airline’s objectives and the steps it takes to achieve them. The primary elements of Southwest Airlines’ mission statement are as follows:

  1. Excellent  customer service
  2. People empowerment

The first part of Southwest Airlines’ mission statement describes its commitment to provide “customer service with a sense of warmth, friendliness, and individual pride” starting with its staff.

Southwest Airlines upholds its workplace culture, which places a strong emphasis on rapport and friendliness, in order to fulfill this aspect of its mission statement. Through this, the Southwest Airlines mission statement plays a significant role in the company’s corporate culture, which emphasizes providing high-quality customer service. Customer assistance and marketing materials for the commercial aviation sector are two examples.

In practice, the Southwest Airlines mission statement emphasizes the importance of the customer experience in assessing the company’s operational efficiency, business success, and strategic plans. Additionally, it draws attention to the customer-pleasant practices that will draw travelers to the airline.

The second factor, which is Southwest Airlines’ strong human resource management, is the key to the airline’s achievement of its goal of dominating the aviation sector. This results in exceptional service, which is demonstrated by their staff members through their temperament, good customer service, and interpersonal skills.

Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements


The purpose and vision statements of Southwest Airlines set out to establish them as industry leaders in both the aviation and customer service fields. Southwest Airlines has relied on its principles, such as its concern, respect, and care for its employees and customers, since the company’s inception. It is admirable that Southwest Airlines bases its business strategy on the idea that delighted consumers would spread happiness to their fellow customers.

By getting its customers to their destinations in a safe, dependable, and affordable manner on a daily basis, it has distinguished itself from other aviation companies. Southwest Airlines’ goal is to be the industry leader in terms of customer experience and relations, as well as the management of the organization’s human resources. As such, this cost-cutting approach is a consideration in the management of the airline’s operations.

Conversely, Southwest Airlines’ vision emphasizes the significance of global leadership in the aviation sector, which defines the company and directs the creation of plans and tactics.

These elements have had a big impact on the airline’s marketing strategy, particularly in terms of how it positions itself as a sensible alternative to other big carriers. The key driving factors that shape Southwest Airlines’ strategic plans to grow and investigate better and new prospects in the international commercial aviation sector are the airline’s mission and vision.

Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

The mission of Southwest Airlines is to “become the most popular, profitable airline in the world.” The following elements of this corporate vision statement apply to the company:

  1. Strongest civil aviation brand
  2. Most patronized
  3. High profitability

Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements

The first part of the Southwest Airlines vision statement describes the company’s target market, which in this case is the entire world.

This business vision informs Southwest Airlines’ long-term goals for international operations and directs the company’s strategic choices for expansion, particularly outside of its current core market in the United States.

The second part of Southwest Airlines’ vision statement denotes that the company’s management strategies are focused on customer satisfaction and take into account operational effectiveness and efficiencies that influence the speed and convenience of their customers’ experiences and, as a result, their loyalty to the airline.

The third element of Southwest Airlines’ mission is to lead the industry on a worldwide scale. By addressing possibilities and risks, this suggests that the company will be more profitable when compared to other large airlines like United and Delta. This is done to gain a competitive edge and stop other companies from taking advantage of the same prospects in the international air transportation sector.

Values Statement

“Live the Southwest Way: Warrior Spirit, Servant’s Heart, Fun-LUVing Attitude; Work the Southwest Way: Safety and Reliability, Friendly Customer, Service, Low Costs” is one of Southwest Airlines’ basic principles. The success of the business’s operations is a reflection of the hard work and values of the organization. The following are its primary components:

  1. Safety
  2. Reliability
  3. Friendly Customer
  4. Service
  5. Low costs

Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements

The first reason reflects Southwest Airlines’ presumption that its employees are its top concern. By having a workable safety and emergency plan, Southwest Airlines upholds the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, as stated in its mission statement.

The second aspect has to do with its mission statement, which emphasizes customer satisfaction through strong company performance, efficient operations, and methods that appeal to travelers.

The third aspect is demonstrated by the way in which Southwest Airlines’ personnel carry out their company’s goal and vision statements in the way they treat customers. Southwest Airlines has the view that when employees are satisfied, customers are satisfied as well. This is because happy employees produce great customer service that is presented with warmth, friendliness, personal pride, and team spirit.

Southwest Airlines’ care, respect, and concern for its staff and customers are amplified by the fourth factor. With the idea that happy staff generate happy customers with positive and helpful service, the company places a strong emphasis on its workforce. This is accomplished through thoughtful preparation for excellent employee perks. Within the company, employees will receive the same consideration, respect, and care.

The company’s successful competitive position, which includes low costs as a key strategic aspect, is reflected in the fifth factor of the Southwest Airlines SWOT Analysis.

Southwest Airlines has the view that when employees are satisfied, customers are satisfied as well. This is because happy employees produce great customer service that is presented with warmth, friendliness, personal pride, and team spirit.

Southwest Airlines Mission Statement History

Through 2020 and 2021, Southwest Airlines’ mission statement won’t alter.

Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements


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Southwest Airlines Mission and Vision Statements

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