Twitter Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

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Twitter Mission and Vision Statements|twitter mission statement analysis|twitter values statement|twitter original mission statement|Twitter Mission and Vision 

The goal of Twitter is to enable immediate, barrier-free creation and sharing of ideas and information for everyone.

The mission statement of Twitter as represented by its elements:

each person: Twitter is a sizable social network with 321 million users worldwide, ranging in age from 13 to 50. Ages 24-35 make up 31% of the audience. It is a free platform that may be accessed by SMS, mobile apps that are owned and maintained and that can be downloaded to any smart device, and There are more than 40 languages that it is available in.

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Twitter Mission and Vision Statements

The platform gives users the ability to consume, produce, distribute, and find content. For many people who use social networks to share their views and opinions with the world, express their outrage at various events, and participate in dialogues, it has evolved into a medium for self-expression.

Ideas and information: Users can watch highlights, clips, and live-streamed events in addition to participating in open discussions. Users can search and exchange useful information about the globe as well as their own opinions.

Instantaneously: Since all that is needed to start a conversation on Twitter is to type a message and click “send,” a conversation can be started right away. As a result of the way the content is arranged around themes and events, it makes it simpler for users to find what they’re looking for. Additionally, it is simple to monitor and participate in current debates.

Without Barriers: According to the corporation, its mission is to advance open, international communication. Global platform Twitter makes the argument that it has democratized content creation and delivery. With just an email address, a new account may be made extremely quickly. Users must first select Settings, and then click deactivate @username, in order to cancel their Twitter account.

Twitter Mission and Vision Statements


Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone, three programmers who had previously worked at the San Francisco-based podcasting startup Odeo, founded the social networking site Twitter.

Despite being created in 2006, it wasn’t launched until the following year. It went public in 2013 and has its main offices in California. With over 35 locations and 4900 staff, it claimed $3.46 billion in revenue for the year 2019.

What’s going on in the globe and what people are talking about right now, according to Twitter’s definition. Users can browse for current events, breaking news, entertainment, sports, politics, and information relevant to their various interests. They can also view live events being streamed.

Additionally, it is positioned as a form of real-time conversational self-expression for the general public. Any type of material can be consumed, produced, shared, and discovered by users.

Twitter earns money by running ads. It provides three various methods for promoting services like Twitter Ads, which combine and match inventive ad types, objectives, target audiences, and budgets to create the client’s campaign.

To assist agencies obtain the greatest results for their clients, Twitter Ads for Agencies offers specialized support and tools. Interest-based Targeting, the third section, consists of sophisticated and focused targeting techniques that let advertisers discover their exact market niche.

As a result, the core of Twitter’s business strategy is the sale of promoted goods like twits, accounts, and trends. Customers can also run brief video advertisements, and the company has created technology that dynamically inserts adverts into pertinent content and sends them to the intended audience.

Because it competes for users’ attention and advertising dollars, Twitter is not a monopoly. The various businesses that provide platforms for users to produce, communicate, and share ideas, video material, and other information are Twitter’s competitors.

With texting services like Whatsapp, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snap, as well as video platforms like Youtube and TikTok, there is intense global competition. Additionally, Twitter faces rivalry with businesses that command significant market share in specific nations.

Twitter Mission and Vision Statements

Vision Statement

The goal of Twitter is to be the most inclusive and diverse corporation in the world. The business believes that contributing to public discourse is essential to achieving this goal. It is also dedicated to hiring “great people” from all around the world who regularly use the program.

Core Values

The essential ideals of Twitter are:

Internet security and education: Twitter promotes individual education about responsible online behavior and security. It accomplishes this by lending support to organizations that combat problems with online safety like bullying, abuse, and hate speech.

Free speech and civil liberties: The business supports programs that support and value all viewpoints. It aims to uphold civil liberties and encourage free speech.

Equality: One of Twitter’s core beliefs is the acceptance of all people. The business believes that while possibilities are not scarce, talent is. It collaborates with groups committed to advancing equality in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Sustainability and environmental conservation are promoted by Twitter, which collaborates with NGOs across the globe to increase awareness of the issue and motivate action.

Crisis and emergency response: When crises and natural disasters happen, it provides people with tools and programs to assist them communicate and get a humanitarian response.

Twitter Mission and Vision Statements

Twitter Mission Statement History

The purpose of Twitter will not alter in 2020 or 2021.


Who is Twitter’s current CEO?
Parag Agrawal is the CEO of Twitter in 2022.

What is the philosophy of Twitter?
Twitter aims to present various viewpoints on a subject in order to avoid creating prejudice.

What is the net value of Twitter?
The estimated value of Twitter is $13.316 billion.


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Twitter Mission and Vision Statements

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