Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa 2023/2024


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WHAT DO Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa DO?

A bursary, according to Wikipedia, is a financial prize given by an organization to individuals or groups of individuals who are unable to pay the full cost of tuition.

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The recipient of the bursary is typically required to work at the institution for the period of the bursary as a condition of receiving it. A bursary is “typically for helping out the destitute but deserving and those fallen on hard times,” according to The Good Schools Guide.

According to The Hobsons UK Boarding Schools Guide, many independent schools have the potential to offer bursaries, which are grants given by the institution to aid in paying tuition.

These are typically given out following a family income “means test,” and while academic aptitude will be considered, they are not always based on exam achievement.

In cases where a prospective student’s financial need is clear and they would otherwise be unable to enroll in school, bursaries may sometimes be given out in addition to scholarships

The school’s bursar will typically require parents to complete an application form outlining their financial situation and accompanied by supporting documentation, such as capital assets, in order to be considered for one of these bursaries. The school will review the application in accordance with its bursary policy.

Frequently, the award is only valid until the student has taken the ensuing applicable public exam. The majority of schools examine bursaries every year to make sure the reasons for an award still stand. Any award given in Britain prior to the GCSE stage may not automatically progress to the A-level stage.

Bursaries are comparable to “prizes” or “scholarships,” which are awarded depending on performance. These honors are typically given for strong achievement in the tests taken before to entering a university or college, where the student earns grades above the required admittance. These may be given out by academic institutions or, on occasion, businesses.

Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa

Things to consider while applying for Motsepe Foundation Bursary  2023/2024

Many students often struggle while applying for scholarships or financial aid. The other process becomes effortlessly simple for them once they have addressed the most challenging question, which is where to begin.

The main reason we choose to add this piece is to help you successfully apply for bursaries, particularly for this year to support your academic cause. The following points should be taken into consideration when submitting a bursary application.

The majority of bursaries require your most recent academic record, officially attested by your school, your ID, proof of tertiary application, and—most importantly—an official confirmation that you were admitted. The source of income and place of residence of your guardians or parents may also be required for some bursaries.



Your following step is to make sure you validate your documents after properly classifying these documents. Visit any commissioner of oath in a post office, bank, or police station if you don’t know how.

They claim that honesty is telling other people the truth, while integrity is telling yourself the truth. Being honest goes beyond not lying. It is saying the truth, speaking the truth, living the truth, and loving the truth. As a result, it is imperative that you make sure that all of the information you provide is the whole truth. Complete all blanks with accurate information. Honesty leaves the richest legacy.

Many students who apply for bursaries do so without any references at all, or they do so with references who cannot be located. This is typically the first step in not being awarded the bursary you sought for. Find references with the proper contact information only if you need and want the bursary you are looking for.

Many students also lack the writing abilities necessary to be awarded the bursary of their choice, which can ultimately be a burden. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you produce a cover letter that is both persuasive and inspiring so that everyone who accesses it will believe it before he even starts to read it. Things like your justifications for receiving the bursary, particularly in comparison to the thousands of other applicants, your plans for contributing to society once your academic career is over, and most importantly, how receiving the bursary will pave the way for you to realize your goals and transform your future.

Many students submit their applications for bursaries while dozing off, which is awful. When you apply for any bursary, be sure to constantly and routinely check your email and text messages on your phone to make sure you have not already heard from the people reviewing your application.

In order to know exactly when to apply, make sure you always check for bursary deadlines or closing dates.
The Motsepe family, lead by Patrice and Precious Motsepe, was the first in Africa to sign up for The Giving Pledge. The world’s wealthiest people and families have made a promise known as “The Giving Pledge” to devote the majority of their money to charitable causes.

The Motsepe family has donated half of their money to the underprivileged since the Giving Pledge’s founding by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

The Foundation’s major goal is to raise the standard of living for individuals who are poor, jobless, and marginalized in the nation. This will be accomplished through a number of initiatives and projects aimed at assisting beneficiaries in achieving independence and self-sufficiency.

Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa

FIELDS COVERED Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa 2023/2024 

The Motsepe Foundation will be awarding bursaries within the following fields of study:

  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Studies
  • Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Law
  • Arts

REQUIREMENTS FOR ELIGIBILITY Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa 2023/2024

Before applying, applicants must meet the following minimum entry criteria (please note that failure to meet all requirements will result in your application being rejected):

  • South African national
  • Matriculated with a minimum grade point average of 70% (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Currently studying or intending to study in one of the aforementioned disciplines of study
  • studying or intending to study at a tertiary institute in South Africa
  • Outstanding academic achievements
  • Demonstrated financial need


Fill out the Motsepe Foundation Bursary Application Form (.pdf)
Submit clear copies of the following supporting material with your completed application form (submission of these documents is mandatory; if any elements are missing, your application will be rejected):

  • Identification document (certified copy)
  • Matric mid-year results, if you are currently enrolled in Matric (certified copy)
  • Matric certificate, if Matric has been completed (certified copy)
  • Full academic record, if presently enrolled in tertiary education (certified copy)
  • Evidence of residency (certified copy)
  • ID documents for parents/guardians (certified copies)
  • Other household members’ identification documents (certified copies)
  • Proof of income from parents/guardians (latest payslips/ employment letter/ SASSA grant letter/ affidavit for informal traders/ death certificate if deceased, etc. – additional information on the application form)

Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa

In the final stages of the bursary selection process, the following documents will also be required:

The final matrix results (certified copy)

University acceptance letter/proof of registration Student number Fees statement (if presently enrolled in tertiary education)

Applications must be sent electronically to

(In the email subject line, type “Motsepe Foundation Bursary Application – Your Full Name”).

(Applications received after this date will not be considered; please apply before the deadline to guarantee your application is evaluated.)

If you have any questions about this bursary program, please contact The Motsepe Foundation directly:
Tel: 011 324 1500

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Motsepe Foundation Bursary South Africa|motsepe foundation bursary application form 2023|motsepe foundation bursary application 2023 closing date|motsepe foundation bursary 2023 opening date|motsepe foundation bursary allowance

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