Hai District Council Vacancies, December 2022


Hai District Council Vacancies

Hai District Council was established from Moshi district in 1975 by provisions of section 8 and 9 of the Local Government (District Authorities) Act 1982. The District is subdivided into three divisions, namely: Lyamungo, Machame and Masama. It also has 17 Wards, 62 Villages, 294 Hamlets (including 11 urban streets). Politically, all registered political parties are freely operating their activities within the district. The District lies between Latitudes 20 50` and 30 29` South of Equator and between Longitudes 300 30` and 370 10` to 380. The District is bounded by the Majestic Mt.

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Kilimanjaro National Park and Rombo to the North, to the West Arumeru and Siha Districts, Simanjiro District to the South, to the East is Moshi District. Hai District Council is constituted by three Divisions, 17 Wards, 62 Villages and 294 sub-villages. The council is led by Full Council under the leadership of a Chairperson. The council has a total of 24 Councilors of which 17 are elected, 6 are Special Seats and one parliamentary constituency. At Ward level Ward Development Council (WDC) is led Ward Councilor as a chairperson and at village level, and the Village Council is led by Village Chairperson.

Hai District Council Vacancies

The district council is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill new vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:


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