Business Consultants Needed at Advanced Tracking & Monitoring (ATMS) December, 2022


Business Consultants Needed at Advanced Tracking & Monitoring

Business Consultants Needed
Business consultants Needed.


i. Bachelor/Diploma in fields as:
-Business (Administration, marketing & management, Advertising etc.)
-Computer science (IT related)
ii. Excellent knowledge of MS Office.
iii. Ability to build productive business professional relationships.
iv. Highly motivated and target driven with a proven track record in sales and marketing would
be an added advantage.
v. Excellent selling, negotiation and communication skills.
vi. Ability to create and deliver presentations tailored to the audience needs.
vii. Relationship management skills.

i. Demonstrating and presenting products and the company.
ii. Establishing new business.
iii. working towards monthly or annual targets. Achieving agreed upon target and outcome
within schedule.
iv. Establishing, developing and maintaining positive business and customer relationships.
v. Reach out to customer leads.
vi. Analyzing the market’s potential, track sales and status reports.
vii. Supply management with reports.
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