Relationship Manager –Business Development at Equity Bank


Business Development at Equity Bank

Relationship Manager –Business Development at Equity Bank

Job Title : Relationship Manager –Business Development
Reporting Line:  Branch Manager
Department: Commercial
Workstation:  Mbeya
Available: Immediate

Job Purpose

Provide supervisory role to the staff members working under branch business development unit whereas Relationship Manager –Business Development shall be responsible for coordinating activities of the unit by leading the team on sales and business development that ensure the growth of customer base, CASA and Term deposits, high-quality loan NPL, improvement of loan portfolio both PAR 30% and PAR 90%, growth of NFIs, cross-selling of bank products and maintain a good relationship with clients in line with KPIs.

Business Development at Equity Bank


  1. Identify and negotiate business opportunities that will grow business of the branch in line with annual business targets and bank the strategy
  2. Develop and implement an annual business plan and sales strategy that will contribute to the overall business plan of the branch as well as Bank strategy.
  3. Ensure growth of CASA deposit and contribute 70% of the total branch deposits.
  4. Ensure growth of a quality loan portfolio across all customer segment and business sectors and generate profit in line with business targets.
  5. Ensure growth of customer base and actively operate their bank accounts
  6. Ensure recruitment of Equity Agents and Super agents in line to the Branch targets and growth of number of transactions
  7. Recruit Merchants, monitor performances of all POS in the area to ensure attainment of unit targets in line with branch objectives and goals.

  1. Ensure customers are on boarded on the ABC platforms and growth of number of transaction increases to reduce traffic at the branch and grow NFIs
  2. Ensure growth on NFIs by cross selling trade finance products, increase transactional banking services, insurance and other products and services that will generate NFIs
  3. Cross selling Bank products and ensure product usage per customer is enhanced to at least 8 products per customer
  4. Ensure number of dormant accounts is substantially reduced to very minimal at least 15% of the total branch customers
  5. Manage and enhance existing business relationships within the portfolio to ensure the retention of customers in line with business needs.
  6. Review own and other loan portfolios and recommend appropriate interventions to ensure it performs in line with approved performance indicators and targets.
  7. Liaise with all stakeholders, for example, clients, government institutions, and other financial institutions to ensure that the Banks interests are properly represented and safeguarded.
  8. Supervise, provide appropriate guidance, and mentor Relationship Officers to ensure onboarding of good and quality business and adherence to all Bank policies and procedures including compliance with KYC and Money
  9. Laundering Policies
  10. Going out to meet and interact with current segmented clients of Equity Bank as an awareness drive to build confidence in the new ventures with the aim of maintaining them and winning their loyalty
  11. Provide timely reports, recommendations, and feedback to immediate supervisors and top management on developments and progress of the business
  12. Liaise and coordinate activities with the Commercial Department and other stakeholders at Head Office
  13. Advise the BGDM on all branch matters concerning the growth of branch business and people management.
  14. Participate in the preparation of the branch budget and Annual Plan
  15. Collect and prepare market intelligence information, on products and services to ensure business growth in line with Carry out any other related duties as may be assigned by the BGDM that will be relevant to the Bank business.

Business Development at Equity Bank


Education: Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance, law, finance, business administration or related field, Certified professionals is an added advantage

Work Experience: Minimum of 3+ years of experience in an business related roles in a commercial banking field

How to Apply

If you believe you can clearly demonstrate your abilities to meet the criteria given above, please submit your application quoting the Job reference and title in the subject field to


Business Development at Equity Bank

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