Jinsi ya kujisajili na simBanking|How To Register CRDB SimBanking


Jinsi ya kujisajili na simBanking|CRDB sim banking|CRDB sim banking App

How To Register CRDB SimBanking 2022, Registration for CRDB SimBanking You can self-register on SimBanking in one of three ways. Dial *150*03# on your mobile number and follow the on-screen directions. To register, use your TemboCard at any CRDB Bank ATM.


  • Carry your bank with you anywhere you go and enjoy hassle-free banking 24/7 with SimBanking.
  • Through our SimBanking service, you can carry out any type of transaction using your mobile phone.
  • Intra-Bank Funds Transfer to any bank account within CRDB Bank network
  • Funds transfer to mobile money
  • Bills Payments (Brela, TPA, TRA, Luku, Dawasco/Moruwasa, Startimes, SUA etc.)
  • Airtime purchase for yourself and others
  • Ability to send money to people with no bank accounts or ATM cards (Cardless)
  • Access to Salary Advance
  • Balance and Mini statement inquiry
  • Alerts (notifications of TemboCards/Visa/ MasterCard usage).
  • Bilingual, allowing you the choice of Kiswahili or English.

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Jinsi ya kujisajili na simBanking

Benefits SimBanking

  • You can access your accounts anywhere, anytime
  • You can transfer funds to your loved ones without hassles
  • You can pay your bills at your convenience
  • Pay business partners and suppliers without stress and do your transactions around the clock
  • Maximize the use of your mobile phone

How to Register CRDB SimBanking

There are three ways to register on SimBanking;

  • Dial *150*03# on your mobile number and then follow the instruction to self register
  • Visit any CRDB Bank ATM with your TemboCard to register yourself. See more details on how to register HERE
  • If you do not have a TemboCard, please visit any branch to register.

Jinsi ya kujisajili na simBanking


SimBanking is 100 percent safe. Your PIN is necessary for all SimBanking transactions. Every time a user wants to access the service, a PIN is required. As a result, even if someone else gets access to your phone, they are unable to use SimBanking without your PIN.

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