Godmwanga Gems Limited Vacancies, October 2022


Godmwanga Gems Limited Vacancies

GODMWANGA GEMS LIMITED is the Graphite Mining and processing Company in Tanzania. The Mine is situated in KWEDIKABU Village, KWAMSISI Ward, HANDENI District in TANGA Region, found 57 km’s from MKATA Ward to PANGANI ROAD. Our Vision is to play strategically role in building Nation and Tanzania Economic development, GODMWANGA Gems Ltd intends to be, The leading Graphite Company in Tanzania and a major partner in the development of Tanzania’s vast minerals.

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The Mine is committed to the sustainable development of the communities surrounding the mine and has continuously demonstrated this by actively partnering with the government by improving social services including education, health and roads as well as other economic activities for the community surrounding the mine. The Director of the maiden graphite producing establishment, Godlisten Mathew Mwanga, revealed that the God Mwanga Gems Limited has started operation in Mirerani. Graphite is a crystalline allotrope of carbon, a semimetal, a native element mineral, and a form of coal, regarded as the most stable form of carbon under standard conditions, used in thermochemistry as the standard state for defining the heat or formation of carbon compounds.

Godmwanga Gems Limited Vacancies

We are looking for Potential Applicants to fill the below Vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT ATTACHED HERE BELOW:


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