Job Vacancy at BRiTEN 20222


Job Vacancy at BRiTEN

Monitoring and Results Measurement Officer Job Vacancy at BRiTEN

Who we are;

BRiTEN (Building Rural Incomes Through Entrepreneurship is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift among the rural communities in conceiving of their livelihoods as going beyond providing for the family’s subsistence needs and moving into a business-minded frame of mind that harnesses competitive advantage. Our approach is on understanding the market system and understanding how to bring about a large-scale systemic change by addressing the underlying causes with a commitment to sustainability

Our principal goal in Agricultural Interventions is to increase incomes and improve rural livelihoods for smallholder farmers by ensuring their integration into value chains while creating efficiencies for all other market actors. We aim at ensuring that the value chains are inclusive for women, men young men and young women.

The Project:

Project Purpose and Outcomes for Pilot Phase

Project Purpose – Improvement of bean marketing through access and adoption of improved seed varieties, improved post-harvest handling and farmer group aggregation

Expected Systemic Changes:

Farm level changes: increased smallholder competitiveness and inclusiveness into the bean value-chain through improved quality of produce which will fetch good price.

Market level changes: improved market functions resulting from improved coordination of the value chain leading to enhanced contractual relationships of producers and private sector leading to increased trust.

The project will critically address challenges around coordination and market access segments of the value chain which will lead to the development of sustainable and scalable approaches to job creation and increased incomes:

Job Vacancy at BRiTEN

Outcome 1: Improved bean seed varieties are commercially available to smallholder women, men and youth farmers in Njombe and Ruvuma regions

Outcome 2: Smallholder women, men and youth farmers purchase improved bean varieties from the availed commercial channels in Njombe and Ruvuma regions

Outcome 3: Smallholder farmers in Njombe and Ruvuma regions improve their agronomic practices for bean farming

Outcome 4: Farmer organizations increase collective action for their members (smallholder women, men and youth farmers)

Outcome 5: Smallholder women, men and youth farmers increase the market share in the common beans market

Our Co-Facilitator /Partner believes that enabling large-scale systemic change targeting market systems critical for the productive poor for marginalized women and youth, creates a much stronger chance of achieving a sustained pro-poor impact. The partners are mutually supportive of the goal of funding Governments which aims to increase incomes and employment opportunities for poor women, men, and young people in Tanzania.

The Project will facilitate the emergence of new market systems to supply small holder farmers with reliable, high quality agro inputs and access to extension support which in return will increase volumes, the quality of production and connect farmers to markets.

Primary Purpose

The Monitoring and Results Measurement Officer’s main role is to support the Knowledge and Results Manager and Technical Program Staff on data collection and management, training, mentoring and support, verification, and data quality management, reporting and documentation.

Location: Njombe

Major Responsibilities

  1. Data Collection and Management
  • Visits and support market actors on how to manage monitoring data record keeping and reporting
  • Support projects/market actors in collecting data from target beneficiaries; collate quantitative and qualitative data on individual, groups, and associations.
  • Work closely with field technical staff and guide them to identify data collection points and administer data collection forms and ensuring that keep copies of signed forms as supporting documents for any data reported.
  • Assists field technical staff to understand monitoring and results data requirement for each indicator and what need to be counted / tracked for the indicator.
  1. Training, Mentoring and Support
  • Strengthening the capacity technical field staff on how to conduct periodic monitoring for results and on data quality issues.
  • Mentor and support groups/association leaders and market actors (e.g. seed companies) to be able to use data collection forms and to keep record of their data.
  1. Verification and Data Quality Management
  • Verify and Validate data from target groups in implementation areas and ensures that submitted data reflects accurately activities implemented in the field
  • Continuously clean, verify and validate data collected from the field before entering it into BRITEN data base
  • Collect/receive all data and undertake quality control checks on data collected to ensure high quality data and reports
  1. Reporting and Documentation
  • Comply with the regular reporting requirement of organization and prepare reports to indicate achievements, challenges (if any), and observations in the field and recommend how to address them.
  • Ensure security and proper keeping of supporting documents for all reported data
  • Identify lessons, best practices, success stories from the fields, document and share with Knowledge and Results Manager and Project Coordinator and if necessary, with the other projects’ field staff
  • Track systemic changes around the area of implementation
  • Performs other relevant duties as may be assigned.
  • Coordinate Quarterly Monitoring and Results reports by partners
  • Produce Field monitoring and results reports and updates

Job Vacancy at BRiTEN

Monitoring and Results Measurement Officer Job Vacancy at BRiTEN


  • A Degree in Economics, Management Information Systems, Sociology, or any other related field
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience working in agriculture, M4P projects.
  • Willingness to travel frequently domestically within the target region
  • Computer literate (Advanced Excel)
  • Ability to develop well written cohesive reports
  • Skills and preferably experience with numerical methods and database management
  • At least two-year prior experience with non-profit organization in data collection, performance monitoring and management of information systems
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Excellent Oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team player.

Reports To: Knowledge and Results Manager

BRiTEN is an equal opportunity employer.

BRiTEN is an equal opportunity employer application from a diverse range of candidates are welcome. Eligible candidates should send their applications to  later than the 13th of September 2022.

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