Job opportunities at TEMESA 2022


Job opportunities at TEMESA

Tanzania Technical and Electrical Agency (TEMESA) is an agency under the Ministry of Works established under the jurisdiction of government agencies no. 30 of 1997 by order of the government and the Minister of Works through government proclamation no. 254 dated 26 August 2005, to take on the responsibilities previously performed by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Department under the Ministry of Works which was committed to improving services and increasing productivity and efficiency. TEMESA was established specifically to provide Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Services, Ferry Services as well as Mechanical Rental to government institutions and the general public.


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Efficiency, Creativity and Customer Satisfaction. We are pleased to fulfill these promises by recognizing the sensitivity of the responsibilities entrusted to us by the good performance of Government and the people we serve, we challenge ourselves to make constant improvements in our service delivery and we encourage you, our client and the general public, to help us improve. commenting on the delivery of our services and areas where we need to improve. On behalf of the management and staff of the Agency, I thank all of you for your continued support.

Job opportunities at TEMESA


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