Job opportunities at ITM 2022


Job opportunities at ITM

ITM AFRICA was founded since 2011 by Mr. Sylva MONGA. The company started basically as a training and staff management provider corporate under the name International Training & Motivation Sarl

Quality of provided services to company in skills development and staff management, promoted and ensured a tremendous growth of ITM Sarl through an outstanding expansion and a highly recommendable background.


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The year 2016 an unprecedented witnessed overseasexpansion of ITM AFRICA including SouthAfrica, DR Congo, Rwanda, Angola, Nigeria, Germany and Tanzania, leading to the creation of ITM as Group.

As for now, ITM Group strives to provide the most customized and tailored business solutions to meet high standards of an evergrowing market and expectations from our partners in all of our representative office across Africa.

Job opportunities at ITM

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