How To Read WhatsApp Text Without Seen Online 2022


How To Read WhatsApp Text Without Seen Online|how to read whatsapp messages without changing last seen

It is clear that in this world of science and technology there are many reasons why you may need to read text messages sent through the WhatsApp app without the program showing you are online or not showing that you have read the message.

Through this article I am going to show you a new and easy way that you can respond to your WhatsApp messages sent without the WhatsApp app to show if you are online or without showing if you have read the text in blue.


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I know everyone can say I know that but I advise you to keep reading this article to the end as you may find new tricks that you may not have known in one way or another. As usual I don’t like to waste too much time on my words, so without wasting time let’s go and look first.

How To Read WhatsApp Text Without Seen Online

Here are two ways to read WhatsApp text without seen online

I know you can say that you can remove the last seen from your WhatsApp app so that no one will know if you have read their messages, but did you know that there are other easy ways. Through your particular Android phone you can read WhatsApp messages without the app showing you

First Way

All you have to do is read WhatsApp messages through the Notification section. This section is available at the top of your phone and that’s where all messages go before they appear in the app. All you have to do is drag the upper section of the message and click on the reply section and then answer the message that was used. In this way the message will be answered without indicating that you are online.

How To Read WhatsApp Text Without Seen Online

Second Way

The second way you need to download the Unseen app is this app will help you read WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram messages and many other networks without being seen online. If you are one of the people who likes to read anonymous WhatsApp messages then this is the best way. In addition to appearing online this app also helps prevent two blue ticks that indicate that the message has been read.

You can find this app via the link here and make sure you have the install and give all the permissions to that app and you will automatically start reading WhatsApp messages you are used without anyone knowing if you have read those messages.

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