Best Banks For Students in Kenya 2022


Best Banks For Students in Kenya To Open an Account;-  It’s important for parents or guardians to train their children on how to manage finances. This is because campus life, especially in Kenya is so fancy that an individual can misuse his or her money.  It’s for that reason that we decided to list the best banks for students to open an account in Kenya.

In summary, below are the best banks for students’ accounts in Kenya presently. Have a look beneath.

Best Banks For Students in Kenya


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  • National Bank of Kenya students account. Also, the student’s account by the national bank of Kenya has no maintenance fees for the account nor monthly charges.
  • Barclays Bank of Kenya student account. Most individuals perceive Barclays banks as the most expensive bank in Kenya however, it’s not. In fact, the student’s account is free to open, requires no maintenance fee, and the ATM is issued immediately.
  • KCB Bank Students Account. Besides being the best bank in Kenya today, KCB bank offers student loans especially for the students with an active account. The good thing about the student’s account by KCB is that it has no monthly deductions.
  • Equity Bank of Kenya Achievers Account. Equity Group is the top and best bank for students in Kenya today. This is because it also facilitates a PayPal account connection which is an easy way for online writing payments for students.
  • Co-operative Bank Student Account. It’s the 2nd in the list of the best banks for students to open an account in Kenya today. The student’s account by co-operative bank offers free ATM, with no account maintenance charges. Again, Co-operative Bank has the YEA account designed for youths between 16 and 30 years. It’s free to open an account and there’s no minimum account balance.
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