Job opportunities at LST 2022


Job opportunities at LST

The Law School of Tanzania (the School) was established by the Law School of Tanzania Act 2007 (the Act) that came into force on 2nd May 2007. This was an important milestone towards improving practical skills of aspiring lawyers in the country. Before the establishment of the School, aspiring lawyers were trained in practical skills through the internship program run by the Attorney General’s Chambers. Later on some Universities adopted the Externship system to impart practical skills to aspiring lawyers. These systems have now been replaced by the Practical Legal Training Programme to be run by the School. The Law School is under the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and Justice.

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The Law School of Tanzania is a public training institution established by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 5 of 2007). This Act was passed in February 2007 and became operational on 2nd May 2007. As stipulated by section 5 of the Act, The School intends to be a centre of excellence in practical legal training in East Africa and beyond. This vision will guide the School in carrying out its mission of improving legal practice by providing training, research and consultancy services.

Job opportunities at LST


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