Job opportunities at MOE AND PARLIAMENT 2022


Job opportunities at MOE AND PARLIAMENT

The history of education in mainland Tanzania is divided into two parts which are before and after independence. Before the arrival of foreigners on the shores of Tanganyika, each tribe had its own system of traditional education. Traditional education was based on the daily routines of multi-ethnic communities. This education which included knowledge, skills, values, culture, techniques and procedures to work and protect themselves from the scourges of famine, disease and enemies of social security and their property was passed down from one generation to the next. Learning materials were shared and distributed by adults at home, at work and in other areas of life. This system began to change in its goals and delivery since the colonists invaded the country.

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Colonial Education: The first foreigners in mainland Tanzania were Arabs, followed by the Portuguese, Germans and British. As the delegates exchanged power for part of the country or the whole country, each group changed the education system according to their wishes regardless of what was best for Mainland Tanzanians. National schools vary in the goals, curricula, qualifications and professions of teachers, the language of instruction, and the quality of school buildings and teachers’ houses.

Job opportunities at MOE AND PARLIAMENT


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